Lauantai / Saturday 15.3. 14:00 Dubrovnik

Sunnuntai / Sunday 16.3. 12:00 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnikiin on 18 vuoden ikäraja. / Dubrovnik has an age limit of 18.

Ice Poison 4976 × 2800

Ice Poison


Midi Z., Taiwan/Myanmar, 2014, 95 min

Midi Z’s new film depicts the hinterlands of Burma, where the globalization has some heading to work in China, others in jade mines or opium fields. An old man pawns his cow to buy a moped for his son to run moped taxi. Sanmei gets back from China and gets an offer to deliver opium for customers. The future of two young protagonists does not look bright. Midi Z’s laconic camera follows them through fields, roads and crampy apartments towards the inevitable fate.

Eija Niskanen

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