Lauantai / Saturday 15.3. 18:00 Bio Rex

Elokuva ei sovellu alle 7-vuotiaille. / The film is not suitable for audiences under the age of 7.

Ilo Ilo 3260 x 2613


Anthony Chen, Singapore, 2013, 99 min

Cannes-awarded (Camera d’Or for best debut feature) ILO ILO depicts the dynamics of a Singapore middle-class family, caught in the midst of the 1997 financial crisis. A Filipina maid enters their household. Teresa is an eternally patient, hard-working woman, always willing to go the extra mile to keep her job, but still sticking to her own principles. The four characters, mother, father, their brat son and maid Teresa get a multilevel treatment in this film.

Eija Niskanen

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