Perjantai / Friday 14.3. 16:30 Dubrovnik

Sunnuntai / Sunday 16.3. 14:30 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnikiin on 18 vuoden ikäraja. / Dubrovnik has an age limit of 18.

Lovely Man 5616 × 3744

Lovely Man

Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Indonesia, 2011, 76 min

The meeting of a long lost father turned transvestite prostitute and his young Muslim daughter takes place during one night in Jakarta. The daughter, in search of some resolution, turns up to look for her father and forces them both to face some rough and uncomfortable truths. The story is filmed with stylish realism and gains strength from the great performance by Donny Damara as the transvestite father.

Jenni Peisa

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