A Story of Yonosuke 3445 × 2297

A Story of Yonosuke

横道世之介 Shuichi Okita, Japan, 2012, 160 min Yonosuke Yokomichi is a young guy with a funny name. When he moves to Tokyo, many a life is changed forever. Goofy but definitely lovable, Yonosuke is a catalyst for various changes in the lives of his closest ones. In the process it turns out that it is […]

And the Mudship Sails Away 5184 × 3456

And the Mudship Sails Away

そして泥船はゆく Hirobumi Watanabe, Japan, 2013, 88 min Takashi’s motto in life is to avoid all work and responsibilities, and to continue life as a wanna-be hipster in the midst of nowhere in Tochigi. All is fine until a young woman, claiming to be Takashi’s half-sister, enters the house. This black and white Odysseia is sure […]

Beijing Blues 5616 × 3744

Beijing Blues

神探亨特張 Gao Qunshu, China, 2012, 115 min Beijing Blues brings us to the gritty streets of Beijing’s Haidian district where detective Zhang Huiling has spent the past years cracking down on small time criminals and scams. He is able to pick up on versatile schemes and obstruct crime from flourishing in the area. Anyone familiar […]

Golden Gate Girls 1028 × 1028

Golden Gate Girls

金門銀光夢 Louisa Wei, Hongkong, 2013, 90 min The story of the San Francisco born Cantonese film-maker Ester Eng has remained regrettably unknown. Beginning her filmmaking career in 1930’s Hollywood she briefly became a well-known director in Hong Kong. Utilizing intriguing archival material the film goes through the life of this Chinese-American lesbian woman working in […]

Ice Poison 4976 × 2800

Ice Poison

冰毒 Midi Z., Taiwan/Myanmar, 2014, 95 min Midi Z’s new film depicts the hinterlands of Burma, where the globalization has some heading to work in China, others in jade mines or opium fields. An old man pawns his cow to buy a moped for his son to run moped taxi. Sanmei gets back from China […]

Ilo Ilo 3260 x 2613


Anthony Chen, Singapore, 2013, 99 min Cannes-awarded (Camera d’Or for best debut feature) ILO ILO depicts the dynamics of a Singapore middle-class family, caught in the midst of the 1997 financial crisis. A Filipina maid enters their household. Teresa is an eternally patient, hard-working woman, always willing to go the extra mile to keep her […]

Like Father, Like Son 1371 x 1028

Like Father, Like Son

そして父になる Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japan, 2013, 121 min Career man Ryota has carefully nursed his 6-year old son Keita for the elite school entrance interview, when a doctor’s blood test reveals that Ryota and his housewife Midori are not the boy’s real parents. There has been a swap of babies at the hospital, and Keita’s real […]

Judge Archer 800 × 533

Judge Archer

箭士柳白猿 Xu Haofeng, China, 2012, 94 min With a deep understanding of kung fu and its philosophy, director Xu Haofeng goes back to the basics and shows us great and visually stunning, yet totally authentic kung fu. The film follows the conflicted Judge Archer whose task has traditionally been to keep order amongst the different […]

Library Wars 5760 x 3840

Library Wars

図書館戦争 Shinsuke Sato, Japan, 2013, 128 min What do you get when you put together a good-looking Johnny’s idol, an army-minded cutie, a world where being a librarian is the most dangerous job in the world, and the support of The Japan Self-Defence Forces? Answer: Library Wars. Welcome to an absurd, funny, explosion-filled and action-packed […]

Lovely Man 5616 × 3744

Lovely Man

Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Indonesia, 2011, 76 min The meeting of a long lost father turned transvestite prostitute and his young Muslim daughter takes place during one night in Jakarta. The daughter, in search of some resolution, turns up to look for her father and forces them both to face some rough and uncomfortable truths. The story […]

National Security 800 × 533

National Security

남영동 1985 Chung Ji-young, South Korea, 2012, 106 min National Security is an extremely heavy viewing experience depicting physical and mental torture in a South Korean secret prison in 1985. It is based on true events that include the prodemocracy student activist Kim Geun-tae being taken captive and held for torture in a cell for […]

Norte, The End of History 2818 × 1200

Norte, the End of History

Norte, hangganan ng kasaysayan Lav Diaz, Philippines, 2013, 250 min Director Lav Diaz, known for his nine hour black and white epics, returns to the big questions of right and wrong, morality, faith, compassion and power. The story follows the lives of a poor family and the law school dropout whose brutal actions steer all […]



ショート・ピース Shuhei Morita/Katsuhiro Otomo/Hiroaki Ando/Hajime Katoki, Japan 2013, 68 min SHORT PEACE, a four-part anthology anime collects together Japan’s top anime directors and animators. For Otomo, this project is his return to directing since Steamboy. The anthology skillfully combines dystopian sci-fi anime – with which many of the creators became famous – to Japan’s historical […]

Stray Dogs 800 × 533

Stray Dogs

Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan, 2013, 136 min Tsai Ming-liang’s latest films are as much visual art as narrative films. His notorious long take style gets its bravura treatment in this depiction of a homeless Taipei family in the midst of urban rubble and concrete. Stray Dogs received the Venice film festival Grand Jury Prize in 2013. […]

Tale of Iya 1620 x 1080

The Tale of Iya

祖谷物語 – おくのひと- Tetsuichiro Tsuta, Japan, 2013, 169 min One of the last films to have been shot on 35mm film, Tsuta’s visually striking film captures different groups of people in the midst of a tunnel construction project in a beautiful mountain village: some oppose it, some want the advantages for the economy of the […]

Today and Tomorrow 5120 × 2160

Today and Tomorrow

箭士柳白猿 Yang Huilong, Kiina, 2013, 90 min College graduates, looking for a place in society, are the topic of this Chinese film. They live in Tang Jialing, a place to be demolished soon.  These young graduates, called as ’the ant tribe’, have a degree, but no well-paying jobs. Wang, Ranran and Jie are three such […]

What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love 5400 × 2700

What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love

Yang tidak dibicarakan ketika membicarakan cinta Mouly Surya, Indonesia, 2013, 110 min At a boarding school for the visually impaired young students struggle with their relationship with the world and questions of love. The film is an enchanting depiction of youths at the threshold of adulthood and its poetic and even magical style adapts to […]