Notice, when buying 5 or more tickets, it’s cheaper to buy a voucher first.

Voucher/Screening card (5 tickets) 35€

Vouchers, also referred to as screening cards, can be purchased online or during the festival at ticket sales locations. Purchase the vouchers before buying tickets to individual screenings. Vouchers bought online will be in PDF format.
Vouchers include a serial number, which works as an identification code when purchasing individual tickets. You can redeem tickets with the same identification code both online and in person.

Redeeming tickets for individual screenings with your voucher:

  • Add the screening tickets of your choice in to your shopping cart
  • When paying pick the option “Buy using festival pass”
  • Type your voucher’s identification code into the provided field
  • Click “Use festival pass”
  • You will see the remaining amount of tickets
  • If all the tickets in your shopping cart can be redeemed with a voucher, you can confirm your order. You can choose to receive the tickets in PDF format or pick them up at a ticket sales location.
  • If you can not use a voucher to redeem all the tickets in your shopping cart, you will be prompted to pay for the tickets through an online portal by using a personal password issued by your bank.

If you would like to use multiple vouchers to redeem your tickets, purchase each set of tickets separately. This way you can choose which tickets are paid for with which voucher.

Keep track of how many tickets you have redeemed with each voucher. You can also check the remaining amount of tickets from ticket sales locations. You will also see it when buying tickets online.